30 May 2006

My movie date on Saturday

Ok, so I didn't want to be a total nerd on Saturday night when I went and saw X-Men III at the Movie Tavern. In attempt to reserve my image, I left my notebook at home, and consequently didn’t take notes on every character. However, I did pay attention to the women in the movie. Mystique, who only played in this movie for the first part, was as usual, dressed nude--- well, she wasn’t completely nude, she was painted. Then, the next two main characters were both women. Storm was the leader of the “good guys” and was played by an African-American actor. She didn’t have as much power as other characters, but was portrayed as “having it all together.” Jean, the other leader was played by a white actress, but she just seemed psycho to me. She couldn’t handle all of her power, killed many important people, and in the end killed herself. I thought it was interesting that the white woman had more power than the African-American woman, but these two women seemed to have more power and prestige than the men in this movie.

Butting heads as usual: My boyfriend pointed out to me, after reading my blog, that these two women weren’t originally in power. They had men commanders, and later in the movie became the person in command, due to the lacking power of their former commanders. Thus, maybe women are needed to finish the job, or do the job right.


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